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  • 10 Dec 2015 5:30 PM | Chris Butsch

    A devout car-lover and a middle-aged mother of two review the same car at the same time, providing wildly different perspectives. The twist? They're mother and son.

    This week, we're reviewing the 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport. Buckle in for Along for the Ride!

    Along for the Ride: 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport

  • 10 Dec 2015 5:20 PM | Chris Butsch

    Many big name car companies have in-house tuning divisions, responsible for pumping steroids into their lineup to offer consumers beefed up versions of popular cars. BMW has M, Mercedes has AMG, and Lexus has F-Sport. But did you know Infiniti also has a dog in this fight?

    Find out more about Infiniti's brilliant but misunderstood Performance Line here:

    The Atlanta 100: The Sophisticated Infiniti IPL

  • 23 Nov 2015 6:59 PM | Chris Butsch

    Consumer Reports only recommends half of BMW's models, yet BMW is the 2nd most-loved brand in America. What's going on here? Find out more here:

    Where does BMW Love Come from?

  • 23 Nov 2015 6:57 PM | Chris Butsch

    As a passenger, the Jesus Bar of a car may just be your best friend. Find out more about it here:

    What is a Jesus Bar?

  • 23 Nov 2015 6:26 PM | Chris Butsch

    Lexus continues their sport-luxury lineup with the RC Coupe- does it stand a chance against its Teutonic rivals?

    Check out the 100-word verdict here

  • 03 Nov 2015 7:29 PM | Christopher Lawrence
    With over 34 million sales, Ford's F-Series pickups have dominated the market. Watch as AutoAcademics finds out if aluminum body panels, massage seats, and fancy lights make the 2015 F-150 Platinum 4x4 the best pickup truck yet.

    Watch here.

  • 03 Nov 2015 7:22 PM | Mary Welch (Administrator)

    Last year we dropped my son off to college with one suitcase and three boxes. Somehow coming home in the spring he accumulated enough stuff to fill a large SUV. Actually, the SUV overflowed and my neck was at an awkward position the entire ride from Florida thanks to a floor lamp that was long enough to go from the back to in-between the driver and front passenger seat.

    Enough! For parents who have to haul their children’s stuff to and from college or for those who like the outdoor or sports experiences - the Toyota Sienna is for you. Yes. No more fishing rods dangling their hooks near your ear as you drive. No more hockey sticks smacking you in the face with every left turn and no more filling a car up with stuff so high that you can’t see out the back window.

  • 02 Nov 2015 7:10 PM | Anonymous

    If you have fallen in love with the 2015 Charger, it might be thanks to the four-door Dodge icon’s full-body makeover. Additional changes include a remarkable lineup of expanded powertrains and a new state-of-the-art eight-speed automatic transmission. This car is fast, fun and comes with a load of memories for those of us who have been longtime Charger fans!

    Enjoy the entire article here. 

  • 02 Nov 2015 7:09 PM | Anonymous

    Everyone is partial to a certain type of vehicle and for me it’s an SUV. Maybe it’s because I have four children, and even though they are now in their 20s, it’s nice to be able to travel together whether it’s out to eat or on a road trip. The 2015 Infiniti QX80 (new badge for the QX56) Limited caters to my “love” offering the most premium SUV available.


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  • 02 Nov 2015 7:02 PM | Anonymous

    I am old enough to remember General Motor’s introduction of the very first Buick Regal way back in the early 1970s (for the record, I was a very small child at the time). There was such a fuss and it was such a big sedan…personal luxury was brought about in this vehicle. It was loved by all.

    Enjoy the entire article here. 

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