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  • 02 Feb 2016 10:43 PM | Anonymous reviews the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium.

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  • 31 Jan 2016 11:13 AM | Greg Morrison

     The truck world is getting very competitive these days, especially in the smaller size segment. Bumper2Bumpertv has a look at what the new Tacoma offers.

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  • 25 Jan 2016 4:39 PM | Mary Welch (Administrator)

    Texas Mazda store learns what’s necessary with relationship-building,

    sponsorships, advertising. BY MARY WELCH

    With roughly 40,000 soldiers stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, about an hour’s drive north of Austin, it must be

    like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel for a car dealership – right? Not so fast. As other dealerships near bases can

    attest, it’s often far from easy to penetrate the local military market. Sometimes it’s hostile territory, in fact.

    “A lot of military have been taken advantage of by the auto industry,” said John Burge, general manager of the Mazda

    Killeen dealership. “They’ve done a lot of [negative]things such as overselling or giving a higher interest rate. Many

    dealers see these young men and women with steady paychecks who haven’t made a major purchase before, and they

    take advantage of them. That’s why a lot of officers tell their people not to buy a car from a local dealer.”

  • 24 Jan 2016 9:02 PM | Greg Morrison

    The latest edition of the Kia Optima is an example of what happens when a car maker constantly tries to improve a product. Bumper2Bumpertv thinks this may be an example for the rest of the industry to follow.

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  • 18 Jan 2016 10:30 AM | Greg Morrison

    Once again Buick is trying to raise the temperature in terms of design with the Avista Coupe. For now it is being called a concept, but that is likely to change according to Bumper2Bumpertv.

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  • 18 Jan 2016 10:26 AM | Greg Morrison

    What was big at the Detroit Auto Show this year? Bumper2Bumpertv thinks it was the variety of luxury automobiles introduced to the public and media.

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  • 08 Jan 2016 5:29 PM | Christopher Lawrence

    AutoAcademics shows why the 2016 Audi Q3 is deserving of its prestigious badge.

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  • 29 Dec 2015 4:41 PM | Greg Morrison

    While Lexus has cultivated a brand image as a luxury car maker there is a performance edge as well. Bumper2Bumpertv got a taste of what happens when some serious performance chops are added to the Lexus recipe.

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  • 29 Dec 2015 4:36 PM | Greg Morrison

    Who is the "Greenest Car on the Road" this year. The honors were presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show with entries from Hyundai, Toyota, Audi, Chevrolet and Honda

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  • 29 Dec 2015 4:29 PM | Greg Morrison

    China is the world's largest automotive market. Bumper2Bumpertv got a chance to take an up close look at how the nation is not only catching up with the rest of the industrialized world but also how it is addressing one of the problems that comes with economic growth.

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